Recovering lost local git commits
Fri Nov 16th 2012

I accidentally reset a local branch to the remote using 'git reset --hard origin/master'. I thought I had previously pushed my local changes. Luckily git never throws away changes, it only changes the HEAD. To recover lost local commits: 1) View the local changes to HEAD w ...

A New Client: Thomas Hinds Tobacconist
Wed Jun 27th 2012

Excellent news: We have now acquired a new website maintenance contract with Thomas Hinds Tobacconist. This is a local business in Winnipeg, and they have been around since 1991. Check out their site at: . Hope to bring more exciting news in the near future! ...

The Choice Matrix - Official Launch!
Wed Jun 27th 2012

The Choice Matrix had its official launch last week! The site has been migrated to . It was been an excellent experience working with the folks at the Rural Development Institute (RDI) at Brandon University. The project has been collaborative and interactive throughout the var ...

A New Client: Manitoba Health
Sun May 20th 2012

An old co-worker approached me about a new project. Turns out he's doing contract work for the Office of Disaster Management, which is part of Manitoba Health. The folks there want to build an online system to assess hazards, risk, and vulnerability that communities face, in order ...

Manitoba Venture Challenge
Wed May 16th 2012

This year, I finally made it to the Manitoba Venture Challenge. I applied last year, and out of nowhere, I get this phone call about attending a two day boot camp. I told them that the website had no mention of such time commitment, and I really couldn't go because i had work on t ...

A New Client:
Tue May 15th 2012

We are happy to bring the news that we have a new client: It's a really exciting project idea and we are looking forward to getting it up and running. No spoilers here, but stay tuned for updates! ...

What can I do with all this data?
Wed Apr 25th 2012

There are times when you might have lots of available data, but you don’t know how to get it to give you the answers that you need. This situation can come up a lot because you had the foresight of anticipating certain problems to occur before they happened. Therefore, the data th ...

What kind of data do I need?
Wed Apr 25th 2012

In many academic disciplines, whether it be Sociology, Psychology, Linguistics, Marketing, or Human-Computer Interaction, researchers are often faced with a problem or a specific research question that requires to support their claims. In other words, rather than using theoretica ...

A New Client: Media Venture Partners
Sun Apr 1st 2012

We've just acquired a new client based in San Francisco! The group is called Media Venture Partners, and their site is at . This work involves ongoing service-based contract. Basically, it's website maintenance with guaranteed fast turn-around time. ...

We've Incorporated!
Thu Mar 29th 2012

As of today, March 28, 2012, Beyond the Cube is now officially "Beyond the Cube Consulting Services Ltd"!

What's Statistics Good For?
Mon Mar 26th 2012

A lot of people unfamiliar with it may find Statistics intimidating and impractical. Yet, Statistics has many applications in the academic as well as the business world. These could be as simple as using – e.g., average and variance – to sophisticated analyses and modeling techni ...

The Choice Matrix - New Contracts
Thu Mar 15th 2012

Our Choice Matrix project has been extended to include two additional contracts! The first contract is features extension, such as new content, navigation and layout updates, social media integration, and analytics reporting. The second contract is translation, so the site ...

Thesis Completion!
Fri Sep 16th 2011

My most recent accomplishment - the Ph.D. is done! The two defenses were quite an experience, but still much less painful than the editing phase, which was much less painful than the Ph.D. years :) A quick plug-in: the thesis deals with the problem of software customization an ...

Don't Trust Your Hotel Room Safe
Wed Sep 7th 2011

This is a short video I made at our hotel in Markham ON over the Labour Day weekend. We posted it to reddit and it went viral. Within a week, it got over one million views! It has been featured on: ...

Water Ski Fail - I'm Getting Old
Wed Aug 31st 2011

Water skiing at the cottage on the Bird River last weekend. I haven't skied for about 5 years, I used to ski for about 15minutes at a time and slalom the whole way....not anymore. Better put in a better effort next year! ...

Mortgage/Loan Calculator And Payment Schedule
Thu Jul 28th 2011

A FREE Mortgage Calculator with payment schedule. The page is used to calculate payments for a fixed rate mortgage compounded yearly. Try it out and let us know if it works for you. Are there any features you'd like us to add to this calculator? ...

Bruce Springsteen Performs Badlands Live In Barcelona
Sun Jul 24th 2011

Enjoy this great performance by Bruce Springsteen live in Barcelona. Springsteen live, pump up the volume!

A Robot That Flies Like A Bird
Fri Jul 22nd 2011

This bionic technology-bearer, which is inspired by the herring gull, can start, fly and land autonomously – with no additional drive mechanism. Its wings not only beat up and down, but also twist at specific angles. This is made possible by an active articulated torsional drive ...

LMPCNA Best Paper Award!!!
Sun Jul 10th 2011

I just received news that my industry research paper got the best paper award! Yay! This is a really prestigious recognition. I'm in awe. As the lead author, I have been invited to submit an extended version of the paper in an established journal. I have also been asked to bec ...

Venice/Venezia: Trip Down The Grand Canal On ACTV Vaporetto Water Bus #1
Fri Jun 10th 2011

This is some video footage from our trip in Venice. It was filmed while riding the ACTV Vaporetto (Water Bus) #1 route down the Grand Canal. ...

Low-Cost Pre-Evaluation of New Educational Programs
Tue May 10th 2011

My first industry-track research paper: Low-Cost Pre-Evaluation of New Educational Programs, a paper printed in the proceedings and presented at the international conference in Venice. The key insight in this paper is a solution to the resource scarcity problem in evaluating ed ...