Thesis Completion!

Fri Sep 16th 2011

My most recent accomplishment - the Ph.D. is done! The two defenses were quite an experience, but still much less painful than the editing phase, which was much less painful than the Ph.D. years :)

A quick plug-in: the thesis deals with the problem of software customization and personalization to individual users. We don't want a one-size-fits-all software because users get confused with all the unnecessary functionality. The solution is to first learn the user's interaction preferences and then dynamically adapt the software if and only if those adaptations benefit the user. Here's the overall framework:

I've used several testbed applications to develop and test out this framework. A couple of these involved collaborations with Master's students (a good side project and a publication for them). The list of case studies I've done are:

Beyond model and application development, each of these case studies involve data collection from real users to populate model parameters, simulation testing to exhaustively check system feasibility, a usability study with real users to verify the benefits of the system, and a lot of statistical analysis to report the findings.

Here is the full thesis. Any comments or feedback is much appreciated. You can contact us.

Note: it's a long thesis. Check out the dedication page! Also, the background literature chapter gives a good overview of what's been done and maps out their approach onto the SCA framework in the above diagram.


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