Clients and Projects

Exempt Logic Corporation, Winnipeg, Canada

An exempt logic securities trading platform for issuers and dealers.

Bespoke Offers By Barclays, United Kingdom

A national deal site.

Michigan Lottery, Michigan, U.S.A.

A team collaboration lottery game.

Wordjack Media, Ontario, Canada

A Canadian Real Estate (CREA) agent listing platform.

Ruby Developers, New York, U.S.A.

A media management system to support project collaboration.

Ehnglo's Searchtheworld Company, Winnipeg, Canada

An online listing of businesses, organizations, and events across the world.

Rural Development Institute, Brandon University, Canada

Online system for finding Community Economic Development (CED) resources.

Office of Disaster Management, Manitoba Health, Canada

Online survey for measuring a community's risk and vulnerability to natural and human caused hazards.

Analog Analytics Ltd, Portland, U.S.A.

A marketing company for online coupons and a competitor to Groupon.

Lee River Snow Riders Club, Lac du Bonnet, Canada

Club website for snowmobile enthusiasts in the Lac du Bonnet area.

Ukulele Bruce, Kelowna, Canada

A Singer-songwriters platform., Winnipeg, Canada

An airplane classifieds system.

Media Venture Partners LLC, San Francisco, U.S.A.

A company website for investment bankers.

Thomas Hinds Tobacconist, Winnipeg, Canada

A company website for a brick-and-mortar business.