We are committed to working closely with our clients and their stakeholders to ensure the correct system is built. We offer the following analysis and software development services.

Websites and Maintenance
One of the basic services we provide is to help our clients create an online presence. We work with sample content to create a user-friendly website with custom layout and design preferences. Additional features may include integration with social media (twitter and facebook), blogs, and content management systems (content where users edit and update parts of the site directly, without the support of system administrators).
Custom Software Development
In addition to web applications, we also develop software tailored to a company's specific needs. For example, we have experience in building simple questionnaire software for market researchers, PC games, as well as elaborate order fulfillment systems operated by large call centres. Other custom applications of interest include e-learning systems, inventory management systems, and business intelligence applications.
E-Commerce Stores
Our main service is to develop E-Commerce websites that operate 24/7 worldwide. Common features for these sites include: customer accounts, administration accounts, product catalogue, inventory management, and online payment. Additional features such as product reviews and SEO support may be added.
Feasibility Analysis
If you have a technical problem requiring expert advice, we can suggest several options and conduct a feasibility analysis on these options to give an overall recommendation. Our analysis is based on the PIECES framework and we evaluate each option using four tests of feasibility: operational, technical, schedule, and economic. If you have an existing idea or solution to a problem, we can also apply feasibility analysis and provide you with our recommendation.
Usability Testing
At Beyond the Cube, we believe that software needs to be designed in an intuitive and user-friendly way. Usability testing is a technique used to evaluate a software product or a website to assess real user acceptance. In order to maximize user satisfaction, and thus, the product or website ROI, we recommend that all products undergo usability testing (at least once) before deployment. We offer two types of usability testing services: expert review and heuristic evaluation. We also assist in building a comprehensive usability testing plan for more in-depth techniques.
Metrics Development and Data Analysis
With a set of business goals defined, we can help you develop precise metrics that measure your business performance and help meet those business goals. Once the metrics data become available, we offer data analysis services to mine the information into reports. We use descriptive analysis techniques to explain the current business situation, and inferential analysis techniques to forecast future performance and expectations.